T4®-switch plus

The innovative implant system.

Technology state-of-the-art and innovation combined in alive to a clearly arranged implant system – learn more about our new product line!

T4®-switch plus

Well thought out to the last detail.

Easy and flexible handling through different lines of products and suitable equipment.

T4®-switch plus

Innovation and modern trend.

The implant system combing simultaneously the joining of the dentist and the patient.



TA-Dent has more than 25 years market experience as a specialty dentistry supplier. With our professional expertise and innovative new product ideas we are recognized as a market innovator.

Our offering is particularly targeted for the sector of implantology. Our customers receive cost effective implantologycal solutions with a minimum of components for all eventualities with confident results.

For our product development and production we cooperate with highly productive manufacturing partners. This allows us to produce to the to highest quality and safety standards while producing economically priced products.

Our quality


The components of our products are matched precisely to another through the tight collaboration with leading German partners. From the milling, the finishing, and the sterilization and packaging processes, maximum product quality is guaranteed.

Our certification underlies ISO 13485 requirements for medical products. All of the products manufactured and sold by us have a 10-year guarantee. Long-term product availability is ensured via the product design and company structure.

TA-DENT Zahnimplantate Handels-GmbH stands for innovation and highest quality since 1995.

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